The Lawn Man


Spring Lawn Treatment

We start the year positively, encouraging your lawn to develop its lush green colour and inner strength using our initial lawn fertiliser suited to the cooler soil temperatures of the spring months. We also begin our assault on the lawn nasties with our first selective liquid weed killer which attacks the obvious broad leafed leafs such as dandelions, daisies and clover.

Late Spring / Summer

Your lawn will already be feeling the benefits from its first treatment so in our second visit we continue to introduce a micro-nutrient lawn fertiliser which benefits from controlled release technology enabling your grass to be fully nourished for approximately ten weeks - twice as long as off the shelf products! The war against the weeds continues also with a more specific attack targeting your lawn's own needs and finishing of those remaining broad-leafed varieties.

Late Summer

The third application of fertiliser is now applied which enables your lawn to cope with the unpredictable weather of the late summer season and allows the grass to continue to be bolstered with both strength and colour. Particular emphasis is now given to the more difficult weeds such as trefoils, speedwells and yarrow.


Your lawn now needs to be prepared for the harsh winter months so we have adopted a liquid fertiliser that boosts colour allowing your lawn to look fantastic as it enters the final months of the year. This application also contains ingredients that will control any moss in the lawn.

Winter programme - Optional.

It is likely that if you are within your initial year with the lawn man your lawn will likely have built up over the previous years a thick layer of thatch or even heavy moss which obviously detracts from your lawn's new found beauty. To remedy this problem we offer and would recommend that you take advantage of our aeration service. Doing this will have un-told benefits for your lawn in the year ahead as it will now be able to breath, and drain properly as well as being able to absorb moisture during the dry summer spells.

Primo MAXX - Mow Less. Enjoy Summer More!

Primo Maxx

There are plenty of better ways to spend time this year than with your mower. So cut your mowings in half over the coming high growth period.

Primo MAXX slows the growth. As a result your turf is denser and healthier. The lawn is greener, and you are free to spend more of your time on other things. That's giving yourself a real summer break.

What is Promo MAXX?

It's a "growth regulator", which means your lawn won't grow so quickly.

What does it do?

It forces the grass to grow thicker instead of taller. The lateral stems become fuller as the colour of the lawn becomes a nicer shade of green. Your lawn will not only be lush and attractive, it will have what it needs to stay that way.

  • Promotes depper, stronger roots

    Instead of using energy on gorwth, it uses it on creating healthier roots

  • Improves water use efficiency

    The grass makes the most of the water it receives, whether rain or irrigation.

  • Helps turf tolerate shade

    Shady areas naturally grow thin; now even those areas can have thicker turf.

  • Creates stronger, denser turf

    Stronger, denser turf resists wear and disease better and helps suppress weeds.