The Lawn Man

Scarification & Aeration Tips

Every lawn more than twelve months old should have both Scarification and Aeration at least once per year. The Lawn Man winter work is a key part of our lawn care programme, carried out between the months of October to March. Regular scarification and aeration both go towards making your lawn strong, healthy and beautiful. Prices for each Winter Work treatment will have been discussed with you on commencement of your lawn care programme.

The Lawn Man recommends carrying out each of the following once per year:

Machine Scarification

Annual Machine scarification aids in the control of moss and removes thatch. Thatch is a fibrous layer caused by grass clippings and other organic matter. If left it deprives your lawn of much needed water and oxygen and encourages disease. Once the machine scarification is completed, all clippings and debris is hand raked, bagged up and taken away at no extra cost.

Core Aeration

Annual core aeration relieves compaction that has built up over the year. It also allows air to circulate and water to reach the roots of the grass. Aeration helps the spring and summer fertilizers penetrate beneath the surface level. Machine aeration brings cores to the surface of the lawn, we leave these cores to break down as they act as a 'top dressing'.

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