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Lawn Feeding Tips

The Lawn Man offers you a professional lawn care management programme that will help you achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Lawn care includes regular feeding, weed and moss control as well as Core Aeration and Machine Scarification.

The fertilizers we use in feeding the lawn are professional products that go towards making the grass look greener, and help to produce turf in which weeds and moss cannot take over.

The herbicides we apply are all selective and each one targets the types of weeds prevalent in your lawn.

The moss control is dealt with during the Autumn months. This treatment is important as it helps reduce the growth of moss and thatch. Core Aeration and Machine Scarification are important in the destruction of thatch and greatly improve the treatments we apply throughout the year.

Each individual lawn is measured out by our Lawn Surveyor and priced accordingly. We are a continuing service: each treatment is pre-scheduled and we visit you four times a year. Each seasonal treatment costs the same and you 'pay as you go'.

Our flexible approach means that you don't have to sign any contracts or agreements.

We are qualified and all the products we apply are safe to use around children, animals, pond-life and all of your plants and shrubs.

The following chart indicates our lawn care management programme procedure:

Late February / March / April / May May / Early July Mid July / December September / Mid February Mid November / December / January / February / March
The Spring Programme The Early Summer Programme The Late Summer Programme The Autumn/Winter Programme Core Aeration and Machine Scarification
The Spring treatment comprises of an application of granular fertilizer, which encourages the grass to ‘green up’ and grow. An application of a selective herbicide is also applied.

The Early Summer treatment includes an application of a special ‘slow release’ no-scorch granular fertilizer and an application of another selective, liquid herbicide.


The Late Summer treatment includes an application of a special ‘slow release’ no-scorch granular fertilizer along with a specialist, selective herbicide that targets the hardier types of lawn weeds.

The Autumn/Winter treatment includes an application of a light moss control. This treatment prepares the lawn for the Winter months and helps reduce the growth of moss and thatch.


These two treatments are in addition to the previous four treatments but are done separately.

Each is a key part of the lawn care programme and both are highly recommended as they go towards making your lawn strong, healthy and beautiful.

They are as follows:
Core Aeration improves surface drainage; ensures a good supply of air in the topsoil; improves root growth and relieves compaction.
Machine Scarification removes Thatch; a thick fibrous layer, which prevents oxygen from entering into the soil and a material that helps the moss to grow.

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